Provincial Executive

Members elected to the Executive for 2017-18:
Back row, L to R: Laurie Dubé, Joyce Hoffman, Don Gabel, Mike Kaminski, George            Huczek (deceased), Alan Laughlin, Marie LeBlanc-Warick, Doug Still, Doreen Rathgeber.
Front row, L to R:
Jane Isinger, Helen Sukovieff, Executive Secretary Fred Herron, Vice-President Sunil Pandila, President Maxine Stinka, Past President Doug Haroldson, Susan Amundrud, Anna Wehrkamp.
Missing from photo:
Outreach Editor Robert Wuschenny


The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan is an organization of retired teachers who are dedicated to promoting the welfare of all superannuated teachers, and to maintaining the ties which bind them to fellow professionals.


Maxine StinkaPresident/
Phone: 306-563-5567
Sunil Pandila Vice-President/
Phone: 306-692-2420
Doug Haroldson Past President/
Phone: 306-662-3004
Fax: 306-662-4555

Marie LeBlanc-WarickACER-CART
Phone: 306-500-5797
Fred Herron Executive
Phone: 306-374-7265
Fax: 306-373-4551
Robert Wuschenny Outreach Editor
Phone: 306-545-2512
Fax: 306-545-2790
Phone: 306-233-3055
Phone: 306-773-2453
Phone: 306-593-2222
Fax: 306-593-2222
Phone: 306-824-4535
Phone: 306-545-5566
Susan AmundrudMember at
Phone: 306-920-7475
Doug StillMember at
Phone: 306-751-0371
Jane IsingerMember at
Phone: 306-933-2927
Doreen RathgeberMember at
Phone: 306-782-1527
Anna WehrkampMember at
Phone: 306-277-4203
Colleen BaileyOffice Manager
Heather HaseAssistant Office Manager
MJ KripsAdministrative Assistant