Extended Health Care Benefits

For details please see the   STS Information Booklet.

Overall Maximum

$10,000 per calendar year

Coverage Level

80% unless otherwise specified

Paramedical/Health Practitioners

$500 maximum per practitioner per calendar year


Limited to one return trip home per calendar year

Private Duty Nursing

$5,000 maximum per calendar year

Accidental Dental

$1,000 maximum per calendar year

Medical Equipment Rental/Repair

Specific maximums apply.

Hearing Aids

$1000 maximum per three calendar years

Prescribed Health Educational Program

$100 per calendar year

Formulary Prescription Drugs

$2,250 maximum per calendar year

$6 deductible per prescription

Direct Pay Drug Card

Private/Semi-Private Hospital Room

100% coverage

Maximum 50 days per calendar year

Vision Care

100% coverage

Lenses, frames, contact lenses: $350 maximum per two calendar years

Eye examinations: $150 per two calendar years

Two additional eye exams when medically necessary with physician`s referral within the same two calendar year period to a maximum of $150 per exam

Out of Province of Residence Travel Benefits

100% coverage

$5,000,000 Lifetime maximum

65 days per trip; unlimited number of trips per year

Three month pre-existing condition clause applies


  • Semi-Private Hospital Accommodations

  • Nursing Services ($5,000 per calendar year, ordered by attending Physician following emergency services)

  • Prescription Drugs (emergencies only)

  • Emergency Transportation (ground and air) (annual limit of one return trip)

  • Accidental Dental ($1,000 maximum per calendar year)

  • Trip Interruption/Delay due to hospitalization outside province of residence

  • Vehicle Return ($2,000 maximum)

  • Return of Dependent Children

  • Return of Deceased Member ($5,000 maximum)

    Limits shown are for each insured person