Provincial Executive

The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan is an organization of retired teachers who are dedicated to promoting the welfare of all superannuated teachers, and to maintaining the ties which bind them to fellow professionals.


Position Name Phone Email
President/Councillor Sunil Pandila 306-692-2420
Vice-President/Councillor Susan Amundrud 306-920-7475
ACER-CART Representative Helen Sukovieff 306-541-5743
Councillor Don Gabel 306-233-3055
Councillor Joyce Hoffman 306-741-5161
Councillor Jane Isinger 306-933-2927
Councillor Alan Laughlin 306-824-4535
Councillor Terri Mitchell 306-782-2599
Councillor Doug Still 306-535-7557
Member at Large Gary Boechler 250-769-0290
Member at Large Huguette Kitchen 306-825-6034
Member at Large Diane Marchand 306-648-3262
Member at Large Devona Putland 306-435-9046
Member at Large Diane Selby 306-373-0080
Member at Large Anna Wehrkamp 306-277-4203
Member at Large Adeline Wuschenny 306-545-2512
Executive Secretary Murray Wall 306-373-3879
Office Manager Colleen Bailey
Assistant Office Manager Heather Hase
Administrative Assistant MJ Krips