General Information


You are eligible to apply for benefits if you are an active member of the association of Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, and you and/or your dependents, if applicable, are residents of Canada and are eligible for benefits under the provincial health care program in your province of residence. Your coverage would become effective on the first of the month following the date of application provided the application is submitted prior to the 15th of the month; otherwise, the first of the subsequent month. More information can be found in the STS Information Booklet

Late Enrollment

You would be required to submit evidence of good health if you apply for coverage more than 60 days after the date:

  • You retire, or
  • Coverage terminates under a spouse’s group plan, or
  • Coverage terminates under any other group plan.

Coverage would begin on the date Saskatchewan Blue Cross approves your application.

Eligible Dependents

Dependents are defined as your spouse, unmarried, unemployed dependent children under 21 years of age, and unmarried, unemployed children under 26 years of age who are attending an educational institution or training at a school of learning on a full-time basis. Dependent children who are physically or mentally infirm will be covered beyond the limiting age.

Termination of Benefits

Coverage would cease on the earliest of the date you are no longer a member of STS, or the termination date of the Group Contract.

Any change to, or cancellation of coverage must be received in writing to the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan office by the 15th of the preceeding month.