Group Benefits

General Information

You are eligible to apply for benefits if you are an active member of the association of Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, and you and/or your dependents, if applicable, are residents of Canada and are eligible for benefits under the provincial health care program in your province of residence. (read more …)

STS Schedule of Benefits

Saskatchewan Residents 

Members residing outside the Province of Saskatchewan

Extended Health Care Benefits

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Outside Province of Residence Travel Benefits

In the event of an accident or unexpected illness occurring outside province of residence, reasonable and customary charges will be paid for the following expenses at 100% up to 65 days per trip with a lifetime maximum of $5,000,000. (read more …)

Dental Care Benefits

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General Exclusions and Limitations

Health and Dental Benefits will not be payable for charges in connection with the following:

Monthly Premiums

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Group Benefits FAQ

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